2017 Rage Cycling Membership Cost Structure

Rage Cycling Initiation Fee (one-time) for new members $100.00.

Membership fees are not pro-rated at any point. A member can join any time of year.

Kit: jersey, bibs, and helmet.

MTB: jersey only.

MEMBERSHIP PRICING – Yes, you will notice that it is cost effective to join as Full Member.


MTB,  Road, Cyclocross                                              Includes Kit                  $650       Mar-Jan
Cyclocross                                                                   Includes Kit                    $500       Mar-Jan
Road                                                                         Includes Kit                      $500        Mar-Aug
MTB                                                                         Includes Jersey                $500        Aug-Jan

PLEASE NOTE COACHING FOR RAGE CYCLING: is for March through Cyclocross Nationals. Coaches will absolutely advise your junior how to train off the bike as well. Off the bike months are typically a non-coach contact time other than emails and calls. We do not advise any junior to ride year round as their muscular, endocrine, nervous, skeletal, circulatory, and respiratory systems MUST have a time to relax and recover.

Road certification: all juniors and some parents will be limited to a closed circuit road area for training until approved by a coach for open road riding with the team.

Extra fees include all necessary gear, transportation, licensing, race fees, non- mandatory camps, other functions you choose to attend. Discounts are provided for multiple family members. Scholarships available with Board approval.

Parent involvement: Rage Cycling is a parent run non-profit organization. We encourage parents to ride, train, mentor, and attend camps with the juniors. We strongly encourage parents to ride with juniors other than their own. However, Rage does NOT permit adults/parents to attend road rides & camps unless a background check through NCIS for Rage Cycling has been submitted and approved. All Rage Cycling coaches must have passed the same background check. The fee is nominal (under $25), is incurred by the adult/parent and is good for two years. Rage Cycling WILL NOT accept any other form of background check. Rage Cycling will supply you with exact info when needed.